Marina Ogilvy

Quality of the work:

Outstanding. The attention to detail is second to none. Importantly, the organisation of logistics and tidyness before, during and after the project was exceptionally positive. The company make you feel that you are their only customer and that your project is regarded by them as far more than about ‘just getting the job done’. They work thoroughly, with excellent clear planning agreed at the start.


Spot on every time.

Value for money:

No other firm compares with delivering such value for money. You know exactly where you are from the quote on Day 1.


Fluent and timely. The pdf reports with photos of the project’s journey, emailed to us every evening, were a welcome tangent.
Helpfulness: Nothing was too much trouble to request information on. At the end of the day, if they have not finished their predicted scheduled plan of works, they will work on into the night to complete and stick to their schedule.

Would we use them again or recommend them to friends?:

We wouldn’t ever go to any other company for the rest of our lives, mainly because of all of the above and the fact that we completely trust them.